Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pandora's box

Well, I started this thing. I wasn't sure anyone would even follow it. I really just wanted to be obedient to God and start this writing thing that He has been talking to me about for many years. Now I feel like Pandora's box has been opened. I feel like I have awakening something in me that has been sleeping. It just want to gush out of me. Every moment another thought or some story or lesson God has taught me comes to mind for me to write about. I read one time that some authors see writing almost as a mental illness. Once it starts it just want stop. It can cause you to forgo eating, sleeping or anything else, like a compulsion that just won't stop. That is what I feel like I have awakened. It's like a drive in me that says, "I want to write, now! Stop what you are doing and go to the computer or I will go mad!" It can't be stopped. I guess this a good thing. I want to write, I have know for a long time that I am supposed to write. I guess if the madness takes control of me, then I will definitely make the time to do it. Which has really been the hangup anyway, not having the time or really not making the time to do it. The drive seems to be strong enough that this won't be a problem. The problem will be driving the gracious individuals who opt to follow this blog crazy with a constant barrage of post notifications. There is just so much that is inside of me begging to get loose in print. So for those who are following or choose to follow, I apologize in advance for the barrage. I can only hope that it will be a big enough blessing that you all will forgive me for inundating you. Also, I can be a little whacky and unique in some of my perspectives and thought processes; so if I go off somewhere weird to you, take what you want or can from what write and leave the garbage behind.

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