Friday, January 13, 2012

So I told story. I am doing another update. I will probably have to add in a lot of details about things I have seen and done here when I get home and have time to process. I have so much to say about today. I will just say that today I got to realize a dream that has been in my heart for years. I got to go and tour the Hamlin Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa. It was started in 1959 by Dr. Hamlin. The grounds are so beautiful and the wards are so peaceful. There were so many girls there. It was amazing that so many were being helped, but so sad that so many needed to be helped. It was very beautiful to be there, but also very hard to see. There were so many really really young girls. I can't really put all the details in right now. I promise a longer post about the hospital once I get home and get to process and take time to write in the comfort of my space. At one point we went into the physiotherapy room and got to see them doing some physical therapy. These are the girls who have had Fistulas for 5 to 7 or even more years. They were thought of as sick and sent to die in a hut in the back of a relatives house. They basically sit cross legged in a tiny structure, refuse to eat and wait to die. It took all the strength I could must not to fall apart. I did cry, but I managed to keep some sort of control. I wanted to run up to them, hug them, and tell them how beautiful they are. They have to do months of physical therapy and highly nutritious food to even be strong enough to have surgery to fix the fistula. It was really really hard to see. I feel like I want to do something more to help make things better for them. I know that most of them are having their lives dramatically changed by being treated at the Fistula hospital, but I wish I could do something more for them. At the end we got to go in and buy things the girls had made while they recover. Really amazing beautiful things that I bought a ton of. The money for the crafts goes directly to the girls when they leave the hospital. Like I said, there is so much more to post, but it will be later. It was a beautiful and emotional day. It was the realization of another dream I had in my heart. I got to buy some super cool shoes here called Soul Rebels. They are awesome and made in country here. They are really unique and WAY better than Toms which I refuse to wear b/c everyone wears them now. Only a few more days til I come home.

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  1. Hey don't be a hater of the TOMS...I love mine!