Friday, December 9, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Color

This will be my first time to participate in this exercise. I have been following, but never get around to doing it.

So Here Goes.

Color is beautiful. I love bright colors. I love combinations so complementary colors. For so many years I wore only black with maybe a splash of red. I spent years working in the makeup and hair industry and found that to be a perfect excuse to wear only black. I tended to toward a more gothic type style and so black and red worked for me. That also bled into my art. It was very dark, black, red and gray color schemes.

What color represents in my life now is the healing of God in my heart. I have begun to phase the blacks out and slowly add color. My wardrobe is changing slowly. What is really changing is my art. My art has become so lively, bright. So outside of the box. I am becoming so much more adventurous. The timidity of being scared of the artist in me and scared of failing has been so stripped away and healed. My art is life and color and a stunning example of God's power to heal and change and restore.


That wasn't very long. and it also wasn't very hard. Maybe if I would commit to this every Friday I could find more time to use the gift of writing God has given me.


  1. Welcome to 5 Min Friday and glad you are here. Thank you for sharing your beautiful are as well as your heart.

  2. Welcome to 5 minute Fridays. I've been participating for a while, lately less consistent than I hoped. This post is beautiful. I hope you do continue to join us. It's a great way to stir up your creativity and to find new topics that might turn into a passion.

  3. i really like your art! it's great! the butterflys and the "meant for more" those are all very cool...

    you definetely should do Five minute fridays more...have a great weekend!